About us

Welcome to Nikolas Makris Contracting Ltd

Nikolas K. Makris & Sons Property Developers Ltd was founded in 2006, a firm 3 years of experience in the construction and building industry, the companies knowledge, extensive experience and tradition with new developments, new technologies and leading ideas in buildings industry.

Based in the capital, Nicosia it is now lead by the second generation of the Makris family, Nikolas, Andreas and Constantinos Makris, whose passion and interest for the business as well as the exceptional background experience contributes the families, strive to offer builds of excellent quality.

With long-term satisfaction with its clients, Makris Developers are characterised by its reliability and professionalism, giving special attention detail to both exterior and interior architecture.

The perfection, function and aesthetics are its main qualities, integrating the safety and hygienic ethics in all the construction projects to achieve an efficient and secure completion of work.

Over the many years of experience, Makris Developers has assembled a remarkable workforce and establishing a substantial cooperation with local architect, civil engineers and interior designers.

The subsidiary company of Nikolas Makris & Sons Property Developers Ltd is N.Makris Ependitiki Ltd (Makris Developers), which was founded in 2009, whose primary target is to construct dynamic architectural aesthetics with great quality.

An excellent qualified human workforce is both demanding and unique in the technical and construction business, its control in the state of the art building technologies, both companies constitute a unique and reliable choice in this sector.